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Kernaghan & Associates provides private clients with high-quality defence litigation for criminal trials and appeals in all Australian jurisdictions. Unlike some other criminal law firms in Sydney and other Australian cities, we also provide our highly specialised skills in royal commission work where criminal issues are of significance.

Our work as criminal lawyers includes providing major corporate and community-sector clients both here and overseas with criminal law compliance advice and representation. More than representation throughout legal proceedings in court, we assist our clients throughout the entire process, from the very first phone call right through to the conclusion of your case.

It starts with the right team

No matter what you are being charged with, ensuring you find yourself the right representation is crucial. While you may already have a lawyer, if they do not specialise in the field they are going to offer little assistance and learn on the job. As one of the trusted criminal law firms in Sydney, we have the experience and knowledge to handle your case with professionalism.

We also provide representation in Apprehended Personal Violence Order applications in New South Wales.

Our work takes us throughout the various courts of Australia on behalf of our clients:

Royal Commissions and Inquiries
High Court and Court of Criminal Appeal Hearings
Supreme and District Court Trials
Local Court Defended Hearings
Apprehended Violence Orders
Traffic and Licensing Appeals
Bail Applications

We also provide representation in Apprehended Personal Violence Order applications in New South Wales.

Our Services

Kernaghan & Associates has a team of Sydney criminal lawyers devoted to professional representation of clients. Criminal law is one of the most dynamic areas of change – an often complex, intimidating and counter-intuitive area of law, the best way to practice it is to be exclusive and that’s what we do.

No matter what you require, whether it is AVO lawyers in Sydney, litigation lawyers in Melbourne or property offence lawyers in Wollongong, our team is here to assist. The criminal lawyers in our law firms use our skills and expertise to gather information and thoroughly understand your situation before preparing a case, and are here to assist you throughout the process to ensure you know what your options are moving forward.

We have developed a legal practice that starts and ends with serious criminal litigation, including:

Homicide & Murder
Sexual Assault
Personal Violence Offences
Property Offences
Fraud, Information Technology & White Collar Offences
Environmental Offences
Coronial Inquiries
Royal Commission Representation (Announcement, Investigation and Hearing)
Terrorism Crime
Cyber Crime
Transboundary Crime
Administrative Law and Review and Appeals

If you require assault lawyers, representation in Melbourne or a royal commission lawyer in Sydney, choose one of the trusted criminal law firms.

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Before anything happens, your most important step is to get your legal team to advise you how to proceed. The initial moments are crucial, do not take a mistep that you will regret. Early advice is one of the most useful steps you can take to protect your interests and minimise your liabilities.

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