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An assault charge is far from a simple black and white situation. Not only are there multiple types of charges, from unlawful assault and common assault to intentionally causing injury, the penalties of such charges are quite diverse. In order to navigate the legal proceedings effectively, it is important to hire assault lawyers. Sydney firm Kernaghan & Associates can assist clients with criminal law situations, providing professional legal counsel and advice.

As the judiciary treat criminal offences very seriously, especially those relating to violence and assault, it is therefore important to have the right representation. We know how important it is to thoroughly prepare for a case, and take the time to consult with our clients and gather all of the information to truly understand your case before moving on to the preparation phase.

Charges you may be facing

Assault comes with a range of charges depending on the individual circumstances of a situation. Just some of these charges may include, intentionally causing serious injury, recklessly causing injury and unlawful assault. There are situations where a defendant may be found not guilty by the court and this can include a lack of evidence, being charged with the wrong offence or acting in self-defence.


The penalties a defendant will face depend greatly on the type of offence they are being charged with. On the lower end of the spectrum, a defendant may face a fine, a good behaviour bond or a community service order. For more serious offences, these can carry harsher penalties that range from a suspended sentence or home detention to a prison sentence.

For more information on types of offences, valid defences or penalties, please consult our team of assault lawyers in Sydney.

Why seek help from a lawyer?

One of the factors that make legal proceedings so overwhelming for clients is the many legal terms for offences. With so many terms to decipher and an exhaustive process to navigate, having experience assault lawyers by your side is a must. At Kernaghan & Associates, we assist Australian clients throughout their legal proceedings and help them to understand not only the extensive legal jargon being thrown around, but also the options available in terms of their case.

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