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An AVO or Apprehended Violence Order is placed against a person by a court if another individual feels threatened and fears for their safety. A defendant must adhere to an order made by the court, which prohibits the person causing the distress from threatening, stalking, intimidating or harassing the person requesting the order. If you are looking for AVO lawyers in Sydney that can assist you with the legal process, please get in touch with us here at Kernaghan & Associates.

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Options available to the complainant

If a person fears for their safety an application for an AVO can be completed on their own or can be done by the police on their behalf. There are two types of Apprehended Violence Order types:

Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO)

This refers to situations where the two parties involved are living together, in a relationship or related (this also applies when parties have been in this situation previously).

Apprehended Personal Violence Order (APVO)

This applies when the two parties are not related or in a domestic relationship. These people can share other spaces, for example the workplace, or simply live close to one another in the same street.

Options available to the defendant

For the defendant, there are two choices: they can either consent to the order or choose not to consent to it. If a defendant agrees to the order going ahead, it will start immediately and last for the agreed duration of time. Another court appearance is not required unless the order is breached. If the defendant does not agree that an order should be made, the court will then use the evidence provided before making a decision. As both options can be quite overwhelming for those not familiar with these types of legal proceedings, it is recommended that you hire AVO lawyers with extensive expertise.

When an AVO is made, a defendant does not get a criminal record or conviction. If this order is breached, however, they can be charged with a criminal offence.

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