Experienced Litigation Lawyers in Wollongong

Litigation is a complex process that often leaves both plaintiffs and defendants, or litigants, overwhelmed. As criminal law is all about having the right representation to ensure all facets of a case are heard, it’s imperative to choose the right litigation lawyers. Our clients throughout the Wollongong and Illawarra areas can rely on the skills and expertise of Kernaghan & Associates for professional legal representation and advice.

Why choosing the right lawyer is important

With so much jargon to decipher and various charges applying to any one situation, it is important to find someone that can help you navigate through such a daunting process. The details of a legal procedure varies depending on jurisdictions, courts, the type of charge and what stage of the process we are up to (for example, appeals, bail, pre-trial etc).

As serious criminal charges come with heavy penalties including long incarceration terms, you cannot afford to risk choosing litigation lawyers that are inexperienced. As we solely focus on serious criminal litigation, we use our extensive skills and expertise to walk our clients through the entire process, offering advice and information on the options available according to the details of their particular case.

Our team will take the time to consult with each client to gather information and fully understand the intricacies of their case, before moving forward in developing the best way to continue. Our litigations lawyers in Sydney pride ourselves on professional representation for every client and we can assist with criminal trials and appeals in jurisdictions in the country.

The cases we take

As litigation is the simply the term given when a lawsuit is conducted, this can cover a wide range of areas within the criminal legal sector. Whether you require AVO lawyers, assault lawyers or someone to provide royal commission representation, our Sydney criminal lawyers are up to the task. We specialise in serious criminal ligation, which can carry large penalties from homicide and murder to assault, fraud and environmental offences. For more information on the type of cases we can handle, please visit our Services page or contact us directly.

If you would like to talk to a team of trusted Sydney or Wollongong lawyers, please get in touch with Kernaghan & Associates. Call us directly on 0421717019 to discuss representation and organise an appointment or simply fill in our online form.