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The knock at the door, the phone rings, the siren sounds – however your experience with the law begins, you’re probably feeling stunned. As solicitors in Wollongong that assist clients throughout Australia, we know how important it is for clients to quickly resolve their legal situations and get people to hear your side of the story. No matter what your legal issue, or what you are being charged with, our team of Wollongong lawyers are here to help. To assist you through this overwhelming experience, we’ve devised information on the legal process in terms of hiring solicitors and presenting your case.

Before you do anything, the most important thing is to make the right phone call… it’s a call that will change your life and affect all your future choices.



1. Make the right first-phone-call.

Whether you are looking for AVO lawyers, assault lawyers, someone to help with litigations or Royal Commission lawyers, it all starts with making the right phone call. While it may be tempting to talk to whoever will listen to your side of the story, it is important to be pre-emptive and ensure you contact our lawyers in Wollongong before anyone else. Why? Explanations you provide may be misinterpreted, anything you say can also be used against you later. With solicitors present, you ensure you are doing all you can to present your story and have your side heard by the right people.

2. Build the correct team.

Build the best team to solve your legal problem. Criminal law is all about court room advocacy. If your regular lawyer is a guru at drafting and conveyancing, that won’t necessarily help. You need to hire solicitors in Wollongong, Melbourne, Brisbane and surrounds that specialise in this area. After all, no matter how good your regular lawyer is, this is not the time for learning on the job.

You need to select from lawyers that are experienced in litigation and particularly in criminal cases – understanding the complexity, consequences and reality of a jurisdiction that few have practiced in as extensively as us. From the most complex matters to the simplest traffic matter, our experienced solicitors can provide you with the best possible advice and representation. That’s because we know how litigation pans out, we understand the long-term consequences, risks and the need to minimise that risk.

The person you hire should be able to tell you about similar cases he or she has handled in the past and provide a strategy and road map for defending you. Hire solicitors whose character and integrity you respect and whose advice resonates with your values. If the going gets tough, this is the person who will be in the foxhole with you.

3. Getting Advice by being listened to.

Our lawyers in Wollongong, Melbourne, Brisbane and beyond work with you to obtain all the information they need to defend your case. This can include documents (such as e-mails, Facebook and Twitter messages), letters and of course statements.

The information gathering process may also include speaking with relevant witnesses, or sending out our private detective to obtain background information and details. This helps us to prepare the strongest defence for you and develop a road map for your litigation efforts.

4. Clarity, Precision and Defence

The purpose of hiring one of our Wollongong lawyers is to provide you with knowledge on the options that you have in a given case.

Those options are about what you can do about the allegations against you. But it doesn’t stop there, our solicitors are trained and experienced in considering your current situation and how the actions you take will affect your future. We all live in a time where computer records and shared data means that what you do today can follow you around the world forever. Making a decision now with an eye on the future is important and the only way to do that is by retaining an experienced and thoroughly trained lawyer.

We provide you with clear advice, a set of options on how to proceed, and the pros and cons in each of those options. We help you set your course and then we put it into action for you.

The whole point of hiring solicitors is getting someone to worry about your case so you do not have to. We will take the details entirely off your hands, troubling you as little as possible and only when necessary to ensure accurate and concise representation.

If you’re being attacked by allegations made by Police, ex-partners, Commissions of Inquiry or opponents, it is crucial that you have the right response. The planning for success starts with extending that response to a prepared counter-response and further actions. The law is not a game, but we are prepared many steps ahead of your opponent.

Always remember, when it comes to your entire future, the best representation is as serious a question as a visit to a medical specialist – you want to ensure you have the best you can afford, the best there is, someone with experience and intelligence.

That first call you make, begins the entire process. When you call our Wollongong lawyers, that process will start immediately.

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Corporate Crime & Compliance

Kernaghan & Associates provides corporate criminal law compliance advice and representation – helping our corporate clients to understand their exposure, compliance and good governance considerations.

Our solicitors in Wollongong act on behalf of companies and community organisations with respect to subpoenas served upon them and in relation to the management of criminal complaints against their executive and employees.

Our corporate advice is available using electronic video conferencing for our international clients who require assistance with Australian law matters and our client-lawyer nexus allows clients to access crucial advice and documentation electronically through our secure information portal.

Focusing on Court Room advocacy:

Trial and Defended Hearings
Complex Crime and serious Corporate Crime
Murder and Serious Sexual Assault Charges
Royal Commission and Inquest Work

Our solicitors utilise their skills and the very best specialists, experts and private detectives to prepare, review and understand the case against you and respond to it.

Your best defence is with our lawyers.

Fields of Expertise:

Royal Commission, Inquest and Investigative
Criminal Law
Trial Advocacy
Appellate Law
Litigation Skills
Communication Skills
Tertiary Training
Compliance and Corporate Advice